Do you know what you're wearing on May 3rd?
It's not yet Derby season but we're still making hats. Give us a call or drop by for a hat for any occassion!

Kentucky Derby hats are a tradition dating back over 100 years. Dee's hasn't been around quite that long, but we've made our share of hats. In recent years we've expanded our offerings to include more designer hats, fascinators, 1000's of yards of ribbon and trim, extra staff, a feather bar, and over 1000 unadorned hats for Dee's designers to create a perfect Oaks or Derby hat for you.

Kentucky Derby hat season starts in January every year when our buyers head to Manhattan to find the latest styles and colors to bring back to the store. The season ends with you wearing a Dee's creation on a sunny day in May. Ok, we can't guarantee a sunny day, but we can promise you a fabulous custom-designed hat guaranteed to wow your friends!

For more information, email or call (502) 896-6755.

Can I bring in my outfit to match it to a hat?
Yes. Most people like to bring in their Oaks or Derby outfit (some even include the shoes and jewelry) so they get a great match.
I don't know anything about derby hats, can you help me?
Yes, our hat designers can help. Just show them what colors you like and you'll be on your way to a great hat.
I'd like to order a hat online. Where do I start?
You can start by watching this helpful video, then emailing or calling 502-896-6755.
What's the last day I can get a hat?
We'll create Oaks and Derby hats as long as time allows or however long our designers hold up. (You never now how long that will be. Chocolates go a long way in keeping them happy).
To guarantee the perfect hat designed and custom made for Oaks or Derby you need to place your order by Thursday April 24th, 2014. Yet another reason to shop at Dee's early for the best selection. Don't let the Derby Countdown Clock get the best of you!
When will Dee's make the last Kentucky Derby Hat of 2014?
Probably on Derby Day. There is always someone here Saturday morning getting a hat on the way to the track.
Do I have to buy my hat at Dee's?
No you don't. We'll custom decorate a hat from anywhere. However we think we have the best selection, prettiest hats, and great prices.
Can you redecorate last year's hat?
Yes. You can bring in a hat you wore to another Derby and Dee's can usually re-make it to match this year's outfit, depending on how it is put together. We have to make sure we can get the hat apart without destroying it and glue is sometimes an issue, but we can usually cover any glue spots with whatever we are putting on this year's hat.
Can I watch my hat being created?
Unfortunately, no. Our designers are like Santa's elves, they work their magic behind closed doors while everyone else is sleeping. You could try bribery with chocolates, Derby tickets, mint juleps, or other treats, but even that probably wouldn't work.
Does Dee's sell men's hats?
Yes, men's hats continue to gain popularity at the track. See some of the men's options in the gallery.
I'm arriving in Louisville on May 4th for the Derby. Can you still make my hat?
Yes. Take a look at the hat galleries and then call the store (502) 896-6755 or email Let us know what you like and we'll put together a hat for pickup Thursday or Friday before Derby.
I love a hat in the hat gallery but it's marked "sold". Can you make another like it?
Yes, give us a call or stop by the store. As long as we haven't sold out of any components, we can make another like it.
Does that guy really know how to design a hat?
Yes. There is always a waiting list for him.

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Derby Hat Making